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Terms and Conditions on leasing a bicycle


Included in the price are a helmet, a bike lock, a pump, a replacement tube for your tire and  tire levers (just in case you need to replace the tube!).
 Customers have to inform us beforehand if they will require a childs bike seat.

Along with the rental of a childs bike seat, a child helmet is provided free of charge.

  • Road assistance is limited to 15km from the village of Molyvos and only for roads that are accessible.
  • The renter is obliged to return the bike and all rented equipment in the same condition as provided on the first day
  • There is no insurance provided for the bike rentals.
  • In the case of injury or theft, the customer is obliged to cover all arising costs.
  • The repair cost of a flat tire is 5€. The bike and all provided equipment must be returned at the agreed time and date. Returning the bike after the agreed upon time, will bestow charges according to the pricing agreed upon.
  • The rental of bikes is not permitted to children under the age of 16, unless they are accompanied by an adult, who is accountable for the bike rental.